Found one of our books on the subway?
Feel free to pick it up and take it home with you!


All of our books celebrate the unique and powerful work
of a wide range of genres. Read, love and devour them! 


Once you've finished the book, return it to any subway
station or subway train for others in NYC to enjoy!



Rosy kehdi

Rosy founded Books on the Subway in NYC in 2013, after learning about Books On The Underground in London. She moved from Lebanon in 2012 and has always been an avid reader and book enthusiast. She’s the ultimate Harry Potter fan, and is on a mission to convert as many Muggles as possible into Potterheads!

Hollie Fraser

Hollie started the book sharing movement back in London in 2012, when she founded Books on the Underground. She’s always been obsessed with reading and as a kid would find any opportunity to head to the local library to pick up a copy of The Babysitters Club. 


testimonials from authors and publishers

Books on the Subway has been one of the most interesting promotions we’ve been able to offer our authors. It’s a pleasure working with people who love books as much as we do!
— Elina Vaysbeyn, Dutton, Penguin Random House
There’s something special about someone who aims to inspire New Yorkers as part of their every day lives and working with BOTS is both a book lovers and a campaigner’s dream
— Lauren Manning, Senior Manager, Communications & Community Engagement - GIRL RISING
Books on the Subway is an excellent team committed to bringing books directly to the audience. Working with them has become an important part of our campaigns, and our authors love seeing their books all around NYC.
— Lulu Martinez, Publicist, Kensington Books