What is Books On The Subway?

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It’s like a public library, but on the New York Subway!

The project is by Rosy Saliba Kehdi and Hollie Fraser. Every day, we and a bunch of book ninjas go out and leave some of our favorite books on the New York subway. There are new books every day, and they're there to be taken, read, shared, and most importantly, enjoyed! We want everyone to get involved and fall in love with reading again and we want to make the subway a more friendly and enjoyable experience.

So, if you find a book from us on the subway, feel free to pick it up and take it home with you, but when you’re done, be sure to put it back on the subway for someone else to enjoy.


Thanks from,
Rosy and Hollie



Not in New York? Don't worry!

We have branches already set up in multiple cities around the world.

Head over to Books On The Move Global to see if there's one in your city. If not, you can start your own!