Magpie Murders: Book Review


I don’t consider myself a particularly fast reader, but I flew through Magpie Murders!
I’m a sucker for a whodunit. I’ve read Agatha Christie growing up, and love every type of detective story out there, and this book gives a nod to all the greats!
My only confession is I never really tried to figure out the mystery for myself. I’ve always just read them and let the plot take me where it’s going.

Magpie Murder is a whodunit novel within a whodunit novel, with a few smaller whodunnits stories peppered within. Confusing? Not really!
It tells the story of an editor (Susan) reading her author’s (Alan Conway) whodunit novel starring his famous detective character Atticus Pünd. However, Conway dies unexpectedly after allegedly killing himself, with the last few chapters of his manuscript completely missing! As Susan tries to investigate and search for the missing chapters, she discovers the parallels between Conway’s death and the murder that he wrote. 
The reason why I love the idea of Magpie Murders, and the novel within a novel approach, is it put me through the brain of someone reading a whodunit and how they put it all together. It was very refreshing! 
I really didn’t want to put it down. I found myself reading while walking on the subway platform (dangerous, kids!), walking into the elevator, swapping TV time with reading time etc.
I was intrigued by the flow of the story: reading Susan’s point of view, then going into the Atticus Pünd novel, then back out to Susan in the “real world”, then diving back into the Pünd story. 
While it definitely kept me interested and begging for a resolution in the end, it felt a little distracting as it interrupted the plot flow in my head and required some time to get back into that part of the book. 
I guess that’s really the only negative for me. 
But overall, I highly recommend this book, especially if you’re a fan of Poirot or Holmes!

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